Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pea with her babes!

Pea and Pods little sprouts running away from me in the nest box! ha ha ha

Paris in her Mr. Potato head glasses! LOL

Landon and Daddy (Dan)

Here Auntie Valle more blocks for the castle!

Landon enjoying his new Spiderman dinnerware!!!

Jordan and Caitlynn

Jordan and Landon hard at work on a tower!!!

Dan and I hard at work building a castle!!! ha ha ha

Jared, Valle, Caitlynn and Jordan.....John is behind the camera!!

Our visit with Jenny a Macaw breeder (left), Susan holding Macaw and me keeping my distance in the background! LOL I am afraid of those beaks...which is why I like the Minis!!! ha ha ha ha

A Red Fronted Macaw

I love the Catalinas!!

Hi there!!

Check me out!!! Aren't I beautiful??

John with a Scarlett Macaw...he was braver than I was!!

Once upon a time there was one cute little
baby boy Black-Headed Caique.

...and just when you think you can't get
much cuter than that!

He was then joined by his little sister.

Then they were joined by their other little sister,
and they were just the cutest trio you ever did see!!


Gucci my favourite little Cheeky in the whole wide world!!!! Man this boy is super sweet and loves everyone and everybirdie!! Don't you just want to
kiss that beak??

Timneh African Grey babies a little over a month old!

The Greys sleeping.....I make a little nest with a towel and they cuddle right in!! They are so sweet!!!

Greys when they were really little!

Timneh African Grey babies!

A little green female parrotlet.

An albino parrotlet.

Paris from the side, and notice her tail and ears are getting some feathering!

Paris having fun!!

Paris-6 months old and getting big!!

Paris in the dog run.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Ruby a blue fallow parrotlet.


Our first three parrotlet babies, from left is the third male, then female second baby (Pixie), then the first male. They are all singing...and Pixie is in the middle of a solo!!! ha ha ha

Our second little parrotlet baby born. We are going to keep her and call her Pixie!!!

A picture of our first parrotlet baby before he went to his new home!