Monday, December 15, 2008

Paris had her picture taken with Santa. Jewel and Dighty already have one, so we thought Paris should get hers done too. She asked Santa for some new toys and some biscuits!! Isn't she beautiful???!!

This is the third ultrasound we had done...kinda creepy as it looks like a skeleton! LOL But everything looks great and the baby is growing and developing nicely!

Friday, December 12, 2008

It was my wonderful friend Jenny's surprise 40th Birthday Party. From left is Kelly (Jenny's sister in law), Jenny, Me (Valle) and Jenny's Mom Marilyn above.

Jenny and I both turning 40 a month apart!

Me and John stopping for a picture.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Riot my #1 Gold Cap boy.....isn't he beautiful?

Three baby sun conures that I have hand fed. They are now weaned and are looking for loving homes. They are super sweet and do not bite...they love people and love to snuggle. I just love them...there is a male on the left and two females.

Here I am with my little pumpkin on Halloween! It is never too early to dress up our wee babe! Note all the food in the background...that is all I want to do these days is eat!!! ha ha ha

This is the newest addition to the feathered family...a white bellied caique!

One of Gala and Fiesta's babies...a beautiful pineapple male. We have three pineapples available to loving homes...their sister a yellowside went to live with Diana near Montreal. Gala and Fiesta have gone back to nest, we are hoping for more beautiful yellowsides and pineapples in December.

Two of my "cheeky" babies, a pineapple and a yellowside in the back.

My sweety Tim Bit.

Tim Bit showing off his wings!

Friday, October 10, 2008

John and I are excited to post that we are expecting a baby April 2009. After many many years of trying, spermwashes and soon as we stopped trying VOILA! Here he or she is at 12 weeks inutero. Everything looks great so far...funny I had an ultrasound only 4 weeks ago and it looked like a Lima Bean with a heartbeat and now in that short time there are arms, legs, fingers, toes, a spine, a face....we saw the stomach and we saw him/her take a breath! It was amazing to see! No wonder I have been so tired and sick. There has been a lot of growing and developing going on in there! We can't wait to meet you in 6 months little angel! xox

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiny Tim bit is a little Painted Conure that has had some seizures in his short little life. We love him and hope he will become big and healthy!!!

down at the bottom.

Here is a picture we took for the Saluki Club of Canada Specialty Catalogue. Jewel and Paris the Rockstars....John and I are their Roadies!!! he he he

Me and the girls...with our feathers blowing in the wind!!

"Little Lukis, Little Lukis can I come in?"....... "Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!!!!" ha ha ha

Monday, July 21, 2008

This is Dior our male blue pineapple green cheek.

Three cinnamon green cheek conures, aren't they cute???

All the birds that I raise are socialized with many kids that I have at the Daycare. Kids are like bird magnets here!!! ha ha ha

What fun for both the birds and the kids!!!

Mitchell having fun with the Pearly and Sun Conures.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I like how the top half of his beak is dark and the bottom is light!!!

John and I on his 41st Birthday!

This is Bonsai...a green male parrotlet bred and hand raised at Precious Feathers. He now is loved by Victoria, and she is doing an incredible job training him! You won't believe how smart these little birds are!! You can see their videos on you tube.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Dad, Ev and the gang jammin' at the trailer on Rice Lake. You can go to you tube to check them out!!!

Paris hanging out at the trailer.

Jewel and D chillin' at the trailer on the deck. D makes a great pillow for Jewel!! LOL

Paris went for a canoe ride with us. We didn't know how she would be so we put a kiddie life jacket on her. LOL She was a really good girl and she had a blast!!!

Paris turned a year old on July 1st, Canada Day! She sure is growing into a beautiful girl!!

Two baby Gold Cap males...I am so happy to finally raise some Gold Caps. These little guys will be used for future breeding.

I am harness training Greycie. I love being able to take her outside with me. She really doesn't like the harness but will tolerate it because she likes being outside.

Here are some of the wonderful kids I look after at my Daycare
from left: Zoe, Taylor, Kaitlyn and Landon

My nephew Landon being a ham!!!

A Painted Conure male to the left and my two Gold Cap male babes.

Here are 4 cinnamon green cheek babies that I am handfeeding for Susan and my yellow side and blue pinapple males, my first conure babies out of Levi and Chanel!!!! I named them Dior and Armani!! ha ha ha

My little blue pineapple male.....Dior..... is on the far right.

Pearly Conures that I handfed. They are so cute!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here we are outside our house ready to go to Paris!!! I could only post a few of our pictures from the trip on the blog. I hope you enjoy them! We had an awesome trip and would love to go again...someday!!!

We made it we are in Paris...YAY!!!!

Just around the corner from our hotel is the Moulin Rouge. Once a baudy cabaret theatre, today they still do the can-can but it is not as naughty!!

Caitlynn and I in the lobby of the Moulin Rouge, I think we need to brush up on our can can!! ha ha ha

We found The Great Canadian Pub in Paris!!! ha ha ha So of course we had to stop in and have some lunch!

Here we are in Pigalle once the sleazy red light district of Paris. There are lots of sex shops and shows still lining the streets today!!

While waiting to go up the tower of Notre-Dame it was raining. We got to see the gargoyles spitting water out of their mouths.

Just some of the magnificent gargoyles atop Notre-Dame.

While walking up the almost 400 stairs to the North Tower of Notre-Dame, we spotted a pigeon with babies in one of the windows. You can see the spikes they use to keep pigeons off. It didn't stop this Mommy. How tender she is caring for her babies!!

John and I in front of Notre-Dame.