Monday, April 28, 2008

Miss Magic...the coolest bird EVER!

Three sweet Pearly Conure babies.

Today is Princess Jewel's 6th Birthday.

We LOVE you so much are a very special girl!!! xoxo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Paris found that the living room ottoman is a great for a little Princess!!

Molly eating her almonds...her very favourite!!!

The Cinnamon green cheeks are all grown up and ready to go to their new homes. One little male named Spice will be staying with us for breeding!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Somehow this little Black Headed Caique.....Magic.....stole our hearts and had to stay with us. She and Molly have become fast friends and I could not take her away from Molly. Thank You Susan for letting her stay at the last minute. We were incredibly happy to have her stay with us!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!

Magic rolling around playing with foot toys, she is so funny to watch...she is VERY entertaining!!!! I could sit and watch her play for hours!

Well......I kept saying, "I don't need an African Grey" but it didn't work!!!... ha ha ha..... We also welcome Greycie to our family. She has been a learning experience and will continue to be I am sure. She is the only African bird in the house and the largest bird as well. She is still on three feeds a day and loves to cuddle and be with me! I love her!!!!

Greycie Mae

I am painting a putting board for the Humane Society of Durham Region's Golf Tournament Fundraiser.

Greycie helps me paint!