Monday, April 02, 2007

Razz the clown, always making me laugh!!

Star and Dighty

Our Nephew Landon deep in thought!

Uncle John holding Landon for the first time.

Auntie Valle holding baby Landon for the first time.

Auntie Valle let me see that camera.

Landons version of a teething ring!

Dress up time for Princess Jewel!

Jewel and the children enjoying a story.

Jewel hugging her teddy bear after a long walk.

Jewel making herself comfortable.

Jewel loves to be a part of story and song circle time with the children.

Rain playing with the kids.

Riot all ready for a good nights sleep.

Razz being naughty!

Razz does his curtain climbing to stay in shape.

Razz and Riot getting ready for their shower.

Anyone up for a game of ball?

Rain loves to roll on his back and get his belly rubbed.

Razz getting ready for bed.

Riot and Razz help with the dishes.

Riot and Razz love to lean on me like this.

Baby Razz posing with a dirty beak.

Riot in the sun.

Razz on the take off as Riot looks on.

Riot and Razz.

Baby Razz (aka Razzle Dazzle, Razzy D, Razzy)


Riot and baby Razz.

Baby Riot striking a pose.

Riot keeping his feathers looking good.

Riot when he was under a year old.

Razzy preening, I love his beautiful colours.

It isn't easy to get a picture of John. Here he is at the trailer on Rice Lake.

John and Dighty relaxing.

Jordan cuddeling some ferrets.

Jared swimming, summer 2002.

Jared and his new guitar.

Riot and Razz posing for Christmas.

I get to hold an Alexandrine at the Aviary in Niagara Falls Canada.