Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yes I know my face is dirty but you aren't wiping it!!!!

Little baby sun conure Soleil, who is very cu
te and very feisty!!

It has been a long search to find this pretty girl. She was born on May 9th 2007. She is going to be very beautiful!!!!!!! Welcome to the zoo!!

The new addition to the zoo, our baby female Gold Cap!!

Aren't I cute? I am a baby pineapple green cheek.

The newest additions to our nursery. Three yellow sided green cheeks and a pineapple green cheek. The pineapple is farthest to the right.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jared and his best friend Keshav were in the Oshawa Times. They were nominated for Athabasca St.Public School, celebrating the abilities, accomplishments and promise of students across Durham Region.

Jared Caverly (left)

Nominator: David Ball

Nominator's Comments: "Jared has been one of those special students that helps an entire classroom be a better place. He is respected by his peers, teachers and the younger students. Always willing to be involved and to help out, Jared is a positive force for those around him."

Notable achievements: Jared has represented Athabasca repeatedly at the regional track and field events. He has been involved in several sports teams throughout the years. He won the intermediate Classroom Art Mural Contest and is currently painting his mural in his classroom for future years to see. Jared has been a honour student since grade 6.

Future plans: Jared plans to attend university and would like to do something involving music.

Keshav Cali

Nominator: Scott Senft

Nominator's Comments: "Keshav is an outstanding student in all aspects. He competes and leads on all our school teams as well as in the classroom. His precision and artistry are seen in everything he does."

Notable achievements: Played basketball and volleyball since grade 6; Captain of basketball team; place in area track meet in the 1500m; above 80 per cent average.

Future plans: Keshav will attend Dr. F.J.Donevan Collegiate next year. He plans to study architecture at university and own his own company.

Great job guys and all the best in the future!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jareds grade 8 graduation, June 22nd 2007.

Jared and his body guard....I mean brother! ha ha ha

Rob, Jared and Keshav

Jared and Keshav

Jared and friends just before the awards ceremony. Jared won 4 awards, The Ontario Principal Award, Citizenship award, Volunteer and Honours awards.

Jared with his Honours and Volunteer metals.

Jared (top left) and his friends receiving the Citizenship Award.

Family shot from left-Caitlynn, Jordan, Jared, Valle & John.

Jared and me (the proudest Mom in the world!)

The Mother/Son dance which of course I cried during. It was a wonderful night. Jared I am so proud of you!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I thought I would add some pictures from our gardens. I love Hosta and Daylilies and have so many that I have lost count! I will just post a few for now but will post more in the future as our gardens expand and mature. I like to collect rare, unique and easy to identify Hosta, looks like I will have to dig up more flower beds to add more!!! ENJOY!

Lilacs which provide shade for many of my Hosta.

Dappled Dawn Lilac with beautiful gold and green variegated leaves and double blooms.

Lilac bloom.

Lilac 'Sugarplum Fairy'

Hosta Tattoo.

Hiding Forget-Me-Nots!

One of my favourite Hostas Choko Nishiki.

Hosta Spellbound (in front) and Hosta Big Daddy.

Hosta Montana Aureomarginata and Bold Ribbons.

Hosta Gypsy Rose.

Hosta Savannah Supreme.

Hosta Cherry Berry.

Hosta Stilletto.

This Daylily is called Sparkling Sensation.

This is called Sandy Yudin. It is beautiful in the sun, it sparkles!

This one is called PARDON ME.

My favourite daylily, I LOVE PARIS.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jordan and Caitlynn

Jewel the Supermodel!!

Jewel was a model for Posh Pawz for an upcoming show called Pet Fashion on the Pet Channel.

It was a lot of fun!! Thank you Candis for letting us share this wonderful experience with you! Jewel is proud to support all things Posh Pawz!!!!!!

Jewel strutting her stuff on the red carpet. She is wearing a beautiful suede coat. I really loved this coat and scarf on her!!!

Jewel modelling a very beautiful coat!

Jewel modelling a collar with the wind on her ears!

Three baby parrotlets.

The baby suns are batting their wings.

This is the little sun conure pictured down farther on the blog. He is catching up with his two bigger clutch mates.

Razz on white!