Monday, August 27, 2007

Paris in the grass.

She is finally here!!!!!! Introducing Windstorm Uniquely Paris.

Her call name is PARIS

Friday, August 24, 2007

These next two pictures are from my friend Angie Michael of Feathered Imps.

What adorable little conure babes!

Peek-a-boo!! What sweet little faces!

Thanks Angie for sharing these great pictures!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I love this picture of Jordan. It was taken just before his 21st Birthday July 29th, 2007! Boy does that make me feel old!!

Jordan summer 2007.

Jordan being a goof! ha ha ha or is he Vogueing??

This is our new 5 year old Hahn's Mini Macaw Merlin....well we changed her name to Merlot. We thought it a more fitting name for a little girl. She is a little crabby but we are hoping she will soften up a little bit...especially to Rain!!

Miss Merlot.

Miss Molly

Meet our new 12 year old Gold Cap girl Molly. She is a plucker, but we think she is a very pretty girl! She is very sweet and loving and loves attention!!

Landon...."I don't want to get my picture taken, I just want to play with this cool stick."

Landon the handsome dude in his tux!

Laurie, Landon and my brother Dan.

Daylily Absolutely Fabulous!

A double orange Daylily........ Kwanso.

Daylily Midnight Masquerade.

A clematis vine in our backyard.

This is a picture that my son Jared took of his guitar.


My Dad on the guitar and his friend Everett on the Banjo!

Rusty the Pit Bull. He is apparently sweet, but we keep our distance. I won't take the chance!!

Jewel watching the ducks.

Dighty showing off her ears!

Relaxing at Dads trailer on Rice Lake 2007.

A chickadee at the feeder, with a seed in his beak!

Duck backs....

....and butts!

I love the little duck butts...they are so cute!

John...the love of my life! If you won't stop and let us take your picture then we will have to keep taking these surprise pics. Like this one when you're stuffing food in your mouth!! ha ha ha I LOVE YOU!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful, feisty, sweet Razz!!

I love you Razzle D!!!

Sadly we lost our Baby girl due to an illness that she could not recover from. I was devastated at losing this beautiful, sweet girl. So many trips to the Vet, we called her the Million Dollar Baby! Fly free sweet Baby, Although our time together was short I loved you with all my heart!


May 9th 2007-August 2nd 2007

This a baby Sun Conure Soleil. In the pictures below you can see how she has grown into a beautiful girl!

My name is Soleil...hear me roar!!!!

These are x-rays of little Sun Conure Soleil. She had a hard lump on her abdomen. It turned out that it was only her gizzard, thankfully it was nothing serious!! Notice the little leg band....too cute!!

This is Soleil now all grown up. She is the sweetest bird!!