Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Riot my #1 Gold Cap boy.....isn't he beautiful?

Three baby sun conures that I have hand fed. They are now weaned and are looking for loving homes. They are super sweet and do not bite...they love people and love to snuggle. I just love them...there is a male on the left and two females.

Here I am with my little pumpkin on Halloween! It is never too early to dress up our wee babe! Note all the food in the background...that is all I want to do these days is eat!!! ha ha ha

This is the newest addition to the feathered family...a white bellied caique!

One of Gala and Fiesta's babies...a beautiful pineapple male. We have three pineapples available to loving homes...their sister a yellowside went to live with Diana near Montreal. Gala and Fiesta have gone back to nest, we are hoping for more beautiful yellowsides and pineapples in December.

Two of my "cheeky" babies, a pineapple and a yellowside in the back.

My sweety Tim Bit.

Tim Bit showing off his wings!