Monday, November 26, 2007

The Gucci Man!! Who is quickly becoming very spoiled around here!!! ha ha ha

A little blurry......but still a neat picture of Soleil.

This is our new Pied Sun Conure owned by Susan and I. She is from Montreal, so we thought Soleil was a fitting name for her. She is named after one of the Suns that I hand fed earlier this year as well, who I loved! She should lose most of the green as she matures. I think she was trying to turn the radio on in this picture...maybe for a little romance music to flirt with the Sun Conure statue in the back! ha ha ha

Myah and Soleil

Soleil in flight

Pied Sun Conure Soleil.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paris having a nap with the kids.

"Auntie Jewel you are the best!!!!"

This Pineapple sweetheart has an eye that has what looks like a hazy covering, she flies in circles as I believe she can't see very well at all out of the one eye....but she seems to function just fine otherwise. She is so sweet and trusting of us all......what a doll she is!!!!

This is our friend and neighbour John....I think he is falling in love with this Pineapple girl!!!! He says he comes over to visit us for a "BIRD" fix.....ha ha ha

A cage full of Feathered Imps.....I am hand feeding this bunch for my friend Angie. There are 3 Pineapples and 3 Yellow sided Conures!

Gucci and friends.

This is Gucci....the designer bird...ha ha ha..... He is a beautiful yellow sided green cheek conure.

Yellow sided green cheeks.

A pineapple trio!

Our first baby at Precious Feathers Aviary....a male blue parrotlet!! His band # is 1........what a special little boy!!!!

Baby parrotlet in hand.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The baby Pearly Conures are starting to get some feathers. I can already tell these little birds are packed full of personality!!

"Feed me first Mommy"...."No, me first"....."No, me first I am smaller"..."No, feed me, pick me"....."Pick me Mommy"

Feeding these Pearly's has been so funny...they are so noisey. They make baby Sun Conures seem quiet!!!!

This is Dixie...she is a Painted Conure who belongs to my friend Susan. I am taking care of her until she gets a mate...cause I love her.... he he he... She is a sweetie-pie!!

Dixie loves to stretch her neck up as high as it will go....she does the cutest little high pitched squeaks and she loves to dance!!

Work it Dixie....give us a smile!!

Sweet Molly...she is getting lots of new feathers on her back and wings....but I think she will never get any on her belly due to follicle damage. She is a doll and loves to sit on my shoulder and preen my hair.

Hard to see, but the three babes are growing fast. The oldest has opened his eyes and we banded him with our first band!! A Precious Feathers first!!!